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Bakery Dough Dividers


Gostol Manufacture a range of very high quality Dough Dividers.

Their BVDS models would work very with a smaller Gostol Bread Plant or the BTF Bakery Bread Plants offered by us. The knowledge and quality used in their industrial KRAS NB Dough Dividers has filtered down into this mid-market range of dividers.

The KRAS NB takes dividing to a new level of quality and functionality with the option of PLC touch screen control for additional features such as check weighers and automatic weight adjustment.

Dough Dividers are probably the most important and hardest working part of your bread production. We strongly advise our customers not to ‘cut corners’ when selecting their divider. Selecting the correct Dough Divider for your product and capacity, as much as your budget, is vital.

To see the vast array of heavy duty Dough Dividers please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

Gostol Dough Dividers .

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