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Our extensive knowledge of bakery equipment means that we can advise you on what equipment you need to produce a quality product in the quantities desired. We do not pay employees commission on sales so there is never an incentive for us to try to sell you equipment that is not suitable.

We have endeavored to build a reputation for giving the best advice, supplying the correct equipment and then providing excellent backup and service. The majority of our business comes from customers who we have been trading with for many years, even decades!


Once we have identified your requirements we look to see how we can help bring about the best solution given your objectives and budget. We feel that we do this by not representing one supplier or brand for different pieces of equipment. Each item on our web site is selected based on value and quality.

We also have access to many more companies and products from suppliers such as Benier, Rondo, Chandley, Hobart, Pietroberto, Daub and Sigma to name a few. Our breadth and depth of knowledge mean that whatever equipment you choose, you can be confident that you made the most suitable purchase.

Service and Backup

Servicing and technical back up is often not given sufficient consideration when purchasing equipment. A lot of bakeries do not consider the huge cost that could potentially be incurred, in repairs but especially loss of trade, if critical equipment stops working. Our highly skilled engineers service our equipment throughout the United Kingdom.

We can even offer a service contract on any equipment that we supply, which significantly reduces the chances of a breakdown. Our mechanical and electrical technicians are so familiar with your equipment that they are often able to diagnose problems over the telephone, saving time and money.


We offer very competitive ‘hassle-free’ finance packages if you prefer to spread the payments over 2,3 or 5 years. Those people not familiar with finance purchases may be surprised that finance payments are 100% tax deductible. So, for example, if your company makes £10,000 profit and makes payments of £6,400 p.a (which would be the approximate payments for leasing £15,000 over 3 years), you only pay tax on £3,600 (£720) and not £2,000.

The net cost of leasing £15,000 would be £15,340*. Another consideration is that you get to keep all of your £15,000 and only make payments after your equipment has produced product (and hopefully profit) for your company. Please call or e-mail for further information and more accurate finance rates.
(*All prices exclude VAT. There may also be benefits to purchasing equipment outright. Please consult your account for clarification. This is an example only and does not constitute financial advice.)

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