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Pastry Sheeters

TEKNO offer a full range of Pastry Sheeters (or Pastry Brakes as they are sometimes referred to) from the very compact table top to large fully programmable automatic sheeters.

To select the model suitable for you select the ‘Series’ that interest you such as the EASY, LAM or INDUSTRIALSMART and then the model. The first digit after the model refers to the belt width the last two digits refer to the belt length, for example the LAM 6514 would have a 600mm wide belt and each belt would be 1.4m long.

All models can be supplied with a host of options including speed controller and digital readout, and all models (except the table top) are available in stainless steel construction.

For full specification and options please refer to the Brochure or if you want help selecting the right model for you, please contact us.

For Further information on the Tekno Sheeters please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

Tekno Sheeter Link.

Tekno Pastry Brake SheeterTekno Pastry Brake SheeterTekno Pastry Brake SheeterTekno Pastry Brake Sheeter
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