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Bakery Bread Plants

BTF is a company that manufactures bread plant equipment to a very high standard.

We like the fact that they specialise in one specific area, in this case, Bread Plants.

Although BTF produces Conical Rounders, Intermediate Provers and Bread Moulders (and other equipment) they do not produce Dough Dividers. We think that this is a very good decision. We have seen too many manufacturers supply substandard Dough Dividers simply so they keep ‘Company Branding’ throughout the whole plant.

The BTF Bread Plants are compatible with all Dough Dividers. This also allows those bakeries who have invested heavily in a high quality divider to simply add their divider to a BTF Bread Plant. It also means that we can advise our customers on the correct new divider specifically to suit their product (please contact us for further details).

BTF generally produce 2 models of each of their equipment. Which one you choose will be based on your requirements. Please contact us if you require help in selecting the correct plant.

For Further information on BTF Moulders, Bread Plants and other equipment please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

BTF website.

BTF Bakery Bread PlantBTF Intermediate ProverBTF Conical Rounder MoulderBTF Bread Moulder
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