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Bakery Bread Moulder

The OBLIK 1 universal moulder will mould dough’s from 50g to 2,000g, up to 650mm long with a capacity of up to 3,000 pieces per hour. New in 2012 was the development of the OBLIK 2 Bread Moulder. This has the options of two moulding board or one long board (or a top moving belt as shown)..

The standard pressure board incorporates a specially designed pattern which gives a better mould than just a flat plate alone. This board can be lifted in seconds for easy cleaning. The OBLIK 1 is fitted with two sets of roller allowing for gentle handling of the dough piece which allows for a better mould. The OBLIK 2 has 3 sets for even gentler reduction.

The dough pieces enter into the centring hopper. The dough is rolled up into the desired thickness between two pairs of rollers (or 3 for the OBLIK 2). Under the chain drag made of stainless steel, the dough is rolled up into a loaf. The final shape of a loaf is made on its way between the conveyor belt and the moulding board.

The height of the moulding board can be precisely and accurately adjusted by the two handles. The side guides are adjustable.

For those who desire a longer mould but don’t have space (or money) for an extra long moulder, we offer the facility of a top conveyer (on both models). There is also an option to have full stainless steel construction and wheel driven side guides giving absolute precision to whatever you are moulding.

All BTF product represents excellent value for money with the quality of build to allow many years of trouble free bread production.

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Bakery Bread MoulderBakery Bread MoulderBakery Bread MoulderBakery Bread Moulder
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