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Industrial Bread Moulder


Gostol produces equipment for heavy industrial use. Their quality is unsurpassed by anything else on the market whether you are considering just Bread Moulders or full bread lines incorporation travelling ovens.

The VIPAVA 2400 and 3000 two machines that show Gostol’s quality on a small scale, designed for moulding long loaves with regular and uniform shape from all types of wheaten dough.

Two versions are available differing in the belt’s width and thus in loaf moulding length.

Its sturdy construction makes the machine especially suitable for use in automatic bread production plants.


  • Different loaves’ shapes and lengths can be obtained by adjusting the moulding board’s inclination and height, as well as the distance of the lateral guides.
  • The rollers are made of a special material preventing the dough from sticking.
  • Adjustable Teflon coated lateral guides.
  • The main mechanical components are easily accessible facilitating their cleaning and maintenance.
  • Machine’s sturdy construction ensures a long life-span even with intensive use.
  • The machine is movable on castors.

To see the vast array of heavy duty industrial equipment please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

Gostol web site.

Industrial Bread Moulder Industrial Bread Moulder
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