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Bap & Roll Moulders

Giotec have been producing dividers and moulders for over 25 years.

Their 20,000 sq.ft factory in Italy produces high quality, competitively priced equipment.

We are showing just a small range of their equipment on our site but we have been UK partners with Giotec for over 10 years. see our link to Giotec’s website to appreciate the full range of what we can offer.

Their GIO 4C and GIO 700×100 moulders have been particularly popular due to their versatility which enables them to produce various products from a small footprint. They are also very portable enabling them to easily be moved for cleaning.

To see the full range of equipment manufactured by Giotec please click the link below (opens in a new window).

Giotec Website.

Giotec Roll MoulderGiotec MoulderGiotec Moulder
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