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Bun Divider Moulders

Vitella are a company that specialise in Hydraulic Divider and Bun Divider Moulders (BDM’s).

Their BDM machines will effortlessly produce many thousands of exceptionally high quality round rolls per hour with absolute weight accuracy. Whether you require 12g rolls or 260g rolls there will be a model to suit your production.

The Model SPA A (Automatic) has a control panel that allows you to set the adjustment for pressing, rounding and shaping duration for even more consistency. The automatic model also has a knife cleaning button and can store up to 10 different program.

The Model SPA SA (semi-automatic) is more mechanically operated but is capable of producing equally as stunning results.

For Further information on Vitella Bun Divider Moulders and other equipment please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

Vitella website.

Vitella Bun Divder Moulder (BDM)Vitella BDM Control Panel
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