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Planetary Mixer

The TEKNO Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for medium sized production up to 120 litres (there is also a new industrial design for sizes 160 and 200 litre).

Not only attractively priced, but the machines require minimal to no maintenance. The versatility of the TEKNO series mixers allow to utilize the machine in either bread or pastry applications which require flexibility and durability.

The design and features of the TEKNO Series Planetary Mixers allow the operator to carry out very precise work cycles. One of the main features contributing to precise operation is the electronic control panel with a digital timer. There is also a 4 speed with a fully variable override option giving set speeds with the ability to be creative when required.

Use of the various mixing tools, which are easily and quickly changed, guarantee gentle, gradual and homogeneous mixing characteristics with doughs, creams and mousses of diverse consistencies.

For Further information on the Tekno Mixers please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

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Planetary MixerPlanetary MixerTekno TK160 Planetary Mixer
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