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Electric Deck Oven

The Europa EDISON modular deck oven allows you to build your oven as your business grows. With various deck capacities from 2 trays up to 9 trays, and two deck heights, the Edison is one of the most versatile deck ovens on the market. The oven is available with steam (for bread and rolls etc.) or without (for pastries, pasties and pizza).

This oven is particularly suited to ‘stone baked’ products but can also be used for trays and bread tins where full control over top and bottom heat is required.

Europa offer 2 year parts warranty on all parts for this oven.

For Further information on the Europa Edison Modular Deck Oven, and to see what else Europa produce, please click the link to their web site (opens in a new window).

Europa Edison Link.

Edison Modular Electric Deck OvenEdison Modular Electric Deck Oven
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