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Water Chillers

Water is the second largest ingredient in dough yet we see many bakeries pay little attention to the accuracy of the water being dosed into the product.

We are pleased to offer a great range of water meters and chillers that are designed to work seamlessly together.

Water temperature accuracy is essential if you want consistent products throughout the year. The temperature of the ingredients at the start of the mix has a direct and profound influence on the mixed dough and finished product. More and more bakeries appreciate the importance of consistent water temperature and it’s correlation with producing high quality product.

During the summer months, the combination of hot bakeries and warmer mains water makes consistency very difficult.

We can offer you a water chillers to suit your production, to prevent any such problems.

For further information on a water chiller to suit your production please visit our partners web site (opens in a new window).

STM Water Chilllers.

Bakery Water Chiller
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